Sony Launches the INZONE H5 Gaming Headset in India in 2023

New Delhi, India – In an exciting development for gaming enthusiasts across India, Sony has unveiled the INZONE H5 Gaming Headset, a product that promises to revolutionize the gaming audio landscape.

This launch, a result of a collaboration between Sony and the renowned Fnatic esports team, introduces high-end audio technology to the gaming world.

Sony INZONE H5: Revolutionizing Gaming Audio with 360 Spatial Sound

Sony Launches the INZONE H5 Gaming Headset in India

Exceptional Audio Quality and Comfort

The INZONE H5 stands out with its precision-engineered 360 Spatial Sound. This feature is designed to offer gamers an immersive 3D sound positioning experience, a crucial aspect of competitive gaming where every sound detail can make a significant difference.

The headset, weighing approximately 260g, is equipped with soft-fit ear pads, ensuring comfort even during extended gaming sessions.

Advanced Noise Reduction and Microphone Technology

A notable feature of the Sony INZONE H5 is its AI-based noise reduction capabilities, which are essential for clear in-game communication. Additionally, the headset boasts a bi-directional microphone, enhancing the effectiveness of in-game discussions and strategies.

Wireless Freedom and Long Battery Life

Gamers will appreciate the wireless capabilities of the INZONE H5. It offers a low-latency 2.4GHz wireless connection, ensuring uninterrupted gameplay.

The headset’s USB dongle connection is a nod to the modern gamer’s need for seamless connectivity. Another impressive feature is the headset’s battery life – it provides up to 28 hours of game time on a single charge.

This long battery life, coupled with quick charging capabilities (where a 10-minute charge offers 3 hours of playtime), positions the INZONE H5 as a top choice for gamers.

Detailed Sound Customization

The headset is not just about wireless convenience and long battery life. Sony has incorporated precision controls for customized audio and microphone settings.

This level of customization allows gamers to tailor their audio experience according to their preferences or the requirements of different games.

Design and Technical Specifications

The INZONE H5 is designed in a circum-aural style, is equipped with 40mm drivers, and has a sensitivity rating of 89dB/mW. The design aesthetic is sleek and modern, with the headset available in both white and black color options.

It comes with a gold-plated L-shaped 4-pole mini plug and a 1.5m long single-sided detachable cord. The headset’s full charge time is approximately 3.5 hours, emphasizing its quick-charging feature.

Pricing and Availability

As of November 30, the Sony INZONE H5 gaming headset is available for purchase at Sony retail stores across India. It is priced at Rs. 15,990 (~$192), making it a premium offering in the market.

Additionally, the headset is available at major electronic stores and e-commerce platforms in India, ensuring easy access for all gaming enthusiasts.


The launch of the Sony INZONE H5 gaming headset marks a significant step in the evolution of gaming technology in India. Sony’s collaboration with the Fnatic esports team has resulted in a product that promises to deliver a rich, immersive gaming experience.

With its advanced features, the INZONE H5 is set to become a staple in the gaming community, offering unparalleled audio quality and comfort. This launch not only underlines Sony’s commitment to the gaming industry but also its dedication to innovation and quality.

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