AirPods Pro 3 Release Date, Price and Features

The AirPods Pro 3 is poised to be a game-changer in the world of wireless earbuds, with its anticipated release in 2024 sparking excitement among tech enthusiasts.

Following the successful launch of the AirPods Pro second generation in 2022, alongside the iPhone 14 and Apple Watch Series 8. The upcoming model is expected to build upon the advances made over the original AirPods Pro.

In this comprehensive article, we delve into the details of the AirPods Pro 3 release date, price, and the exciting new features it’s rumored to offer.

New Features and Changes in AirPods Pro 3

AirPods Pro 3 Release Date, Price and Features

The AirPods Pro 3 is shaping up to be a remarkable update in Apple’s line of premium earbuds. With several new features and changes that are eagerly anticipated. Here’s an in-depth look at what we can expect:

1. New Color Options:

The most noticeable change could be the introduction of new color variants. Speculation is rife about Apple adding a space gray or space black color to the AirPods Pro lineup, a first for the standard AirPods models. This addition would mark a significant departure from the traditional white color, offering users more personalized choices.

2. Innovative Touchscreen Feature:

A groundbreaking potential feature is the inclusion of a touchscreen on the AirPods Pro 3. This would allow users to control playback, navigate playlists, and possibly more directly from the earbuds. Apple has reportedly filed a patent for this technology, indicating serious consideration of this feature.

3. Enhanced Audio and Connectivity:

  • The AirPods Pro 3 is expected to feature an upgraded H3 chipset, which would provide improved sound quality and efficiency.
  • For connectivity, advancements like Ultra-Wideband (UWB) 2 and Bluetooth 5.3 are anticipated, offering more stable and faster connections.
  • The earbuds will likely retain popular features like Active Noise Cancellation, Transparency Mode, Adaptive EQ, and Spatial Audio for a superior audio experience.

4. Durability and Battery Life:

  • The AirPods Pro 3 is expected to maintain an IPX4 rating for splash and sweat resistance, ensuring durability during workouts or in light rain.
  • In terms of battery life, the earbuds might offer around 6 hours of listening time, with the charging case providing up to 24 hours of additional charge.

These features collectively point towards a significant evolution of the AirPods Pro series, aligning with Apple’s trend of continuously innovating and improving their products. While these details are based on leaks and speculations, the final product could still hold some surprises.

Release Date and Price Information

The release date and price information for the anticipated AirPods Pro 3 are topics of considerable interest. Here’s an in-depth look at what we currently know:

Likely Release Window in 2024

The AirPods Pro 3 is expected to hit the market in 2024. While the exact month is still uncertain, historical release patterns of Apple products suggest a potential launch in the latter half of the year.

Apple often aligns the release of new products with its major events. It’s plausible that the AirPods Pro 3 could be unveiled at one of these key events, possibly alongside new iPhone or Apple Watch models.

Comparison with Previous AirPods Pro Releases

The second generation of AirPods Pro was launched in 2022, which followed the original model that debuted three years prior. This suggests a trend of significant updates roughly every two to three years.

Notably, the last generation of AirPods Pro was launched alongside the iPhone 14 and the Apple Watch Series 8. However, the generation before that deviated from this pattern, debuting at a Mac event instead of alongside an iPhone release.

Staying Updated with Release Date Information:

  • Monitoring Official Sources: For the most accurate and reliable information, it’s essential to keep an eye on official Apple announcements and press releases.
  • Following Tech News and Leaks: Tech news outlets and credible leakers often provide early insights into Apple’s plans. While such information can offer a glimpse into what to expect, it’s important to treat these as speculative until confirmed by Apple.


In terms of price, the AirPods Pro 3 might see an increase from the previous generation’s pricing, especially if significant new features like the rumored touchscreen are included. The current price speculation hovers around $299, but this could vary based on the final feature set revealed by Apple.

Overall, while we have some educated guesses based on patterns and rumors. The exact details regarding the release and pricing of the AirPods Pro 3 will only be confirmed closer to the launch date.

For those eager to stay informed, keeping up with official announcements and credible tech news sources will be key.

Leak and Rumor Verification

Leak and Rumor Verification is a critical aspect to consider when discussing upcoming products like the AirPods Pro 3. Here’s an overview emphasizing the importance of discerning verified information from speculation:

Disclaimer About the Reliability of Leaks and Rumors

  • Unverified Information: It’s crucial to understand that leaks and rumors about products like the AirPods Pro 3 often come from unofficial sources. These sources can range from supply chain insiders to tech enthusiasts speculating based on patterns and patents.
  • Potential for Inaccuracy: While some leaks have historically proven to be accurate, there’s always a significant possibility of inaccuracies or misinterpretations. Information from unofficial channels can be outdated, partially true, or completely speculative.
  • Varying Degrees of Credibility: The credibility of leaks can vary greatly, with some coming from sources that have reliably predicted product features in the past and others from less proven channels.

Importance of Official Announcements from Apple:

  • Definitive Source: Official announcements from Apple are the most reliable source of information. They provide definitive details about product features, specifications, release dates, and pricing.
  • Clarification and Confirmation: When Apple makes an official announcement, it clarifies all the speculations and rumors, giving consumers and tech enthusiasts clear and accurate information.
  • Event Announcements and Press Releases: Typically, Apple reveals new products during its special events or through press releases. These events are widely covered by the media, making the information easily accessible to the public.

Personal Wishlist and Community Engagement

In discussing the AirPods Pro 3, it’s exciting to delve into not just the rumored features but also personal wishes and community engagement. Here’s a summary:

  • Color Diversity: A wish for a broader palette of colors, extending beyond the speculated space gray or black. This could include vibrant options like a Product Red variant, aligning with Apple’s other product lines.
  • Improved Battery Life: Enhanced battery performance that surpasses the current 6-hour listening time, offering convenience for longer usage.
  • Customizable Controls: A desire for more personalized touch controls on the AirPods, allowing users to assign specific functions based on their preferences.
  • Environmental Sustainability: A hope for Apple to integrate more eco-friendly materials and practices in the manufacturing of the AirPods Pro 3, reflecting a commitment to environmental responsibility.