SoundPEATS Air 4 vs. AirPods 3: Who Wins? Top 9 Insights!

The showdown between SoundPeats Air 4 and AirPods 3 is finally here, and it's a battle worth your attention.

I’m scrutinizing this much-anticipated comparison, every detail from sound quality to comfort, to help you make the best choice. You might wonder, can the budget-friendly Air 4 really stand against the well-established AirPods 3?

Or does Apple’s premium feel and seamless experience outshines its competitors? These are the questions swirling in your mind and trust me, they were in mine too.

I understand the dilemma as someone always looking for the perfect blend of quality and value. Deciding between these two isn’t just about picking earbuds but choosing an experience.

So, let’s unravel this together. I’ll share insights, personal experiences, and some surprising findings that might sway your decision. Stick around because this is a comparison you don’t want to miss.

FeatureSound Peats Air4AirPods 3
Build QualitySolid and decently built, glossy plastic on the insidePremium feel, durable despite scratches
Ergonomics and FitSimilar to AirPods 3, longer stem, slightly pointy driver shaftComfortable, great fit for long use
IPX RatingIPX4 water resistanceIPX4 water resistance (earbuds and case)
Battery Life6 hours (earbuds), 26 hours total with case, 4 hours and 14 minutes in test6 hours (earbuds), 30 hours total with case, 7 hours and 32 minutes in test
Charging FeaturesNo wireless or fast charging, bulkier caseWireless charging, MagSafe, fast charging
ControlsOptimized for AAC codec, part of the Apple ecosystemControls everything except volume, always-on Siri, in-ear detection
Connectivity & CodecBluetooth 5.3, aptX Lossless codecVery low latency, especially in the Apple ecosystem
LatencyLow latency gaming mode, effective for casual gamesImpressive bass with noise canceling, less clear mids and treble
Call QualityBetter noise cancellation, less clear voiceClear voice, less effective noise cancellation
Sound QualityImpressive bass with noise canceling, less clear mids, and trebleBalanced sound, clearer mids and highs, slightly better sub-bass
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Build Quality Comparison

Soundpeats Air 4 vs. AirPods 3: Build Quality Comparison

When it comes to build quality, the AirPods set a high standard. Having used them extensively for over a year, I vouch for their resilience.

Despite being dropped a hundred times (no exaggeration), they have only minor scratches but function flawlessly. It’s this durability that gives AirPods a premium status.

Switching over to the SoundPEATS Air4, they present an exciting design mix. The glossy plastic on the driver’s inside is an unusual choice, maybe a bit quirky for some.

But don’t let that fool you – the Air4 feels solid and well-constructed. They’ve thought about the build, even if it lacks the Apple-esque refinement.

What caught my attention was how SoundPEATS drew inspiration from the AirPods’ design. Yet, they also managed to infuse their identity.

The Air4 may look odd with that glossy finish, but they are far from feeling cheap or fragile. They give off a vibe of being ready to withstand daily wear and tear, much like the AirPods.

While the AirPods boast a more premium feel, the Air4 stands its ground with a solid, reliable build. It's a close call, but Apple's experience in design refinement still gives the AirPods an edge in this round. However, the Air4 is a testament to SoundPEATS commitment to quality at an affordable price.

Ergonomics and Fit

Soundpeats Air 4 vs. AirPods 3: Ergonomics and Fit

Delving into ergonomics, AirPods 3 and SoundPEATS Air4 show their strengths. The AirPods, as we know, are synonymous with comfort. Wearing them for hours, whether during a long run or a weight-training session, they remain comfortably snug. This is one area where Apple AirPods nails it – creating earbuds you almost forget you’re wearing.

On the other hand, the Air4 takes a leaf out of Apple’s book. The similarities in design are evident, especially in the stem length and the bud’s top half size. They fit almost identically to the AirPods 3.

However, the Air4’s driver shaft is a tad more pointy, which you might feel if you’re paying close attention. But honestly, it’s a minor difference.

It’s fascinating how SoundPEATS closely mimicked the AirPods’ ergonomics. Both sets of earbuds fit well for someone like me, with slightly larger ears and ear canals. But remember, earbud fit is highly personal.

What feels like a cloud to me might be different for you. The semi-in-ear style of both these models means you won’t honestly know their comfort level until you try them on.

In terms of ergonomics and fit, it's a neck-and-neck race. Neither the AirPods nor the Air4 takes a clear lead. They offer comfort and stability, making them excellent choices for extended use. Your personal preference will be the deciding factor here.

Water Resistance and IPX Ratings

Soundpeats Air 4 vs. AirPods 3: Water Resistance and IPX Ratings

Water resistance is a feature you can’t overlook when discussing earbuds. Especially if you’re like me, using them during workouts or in unpredictable weather. AirPods 3 and the SoundPEATS Air4 come with IPX4 water resistance.

This rating means they can handle splashes from any direction, making them sweat and rain-resistant.

The IPX4 rating is more than sufficient for everyday use. Whether caught in a drizzle during a jog or sweating it out at the gym, these earbuds will endure. It’s reassuring to know that neither of these models will bail on you when faced with a bit of moisture.

Interestingly, the AirPods case also boasts the same IPX4 rating. This is not a common feature among earbud cases, and it’s a nice touch by Apple.

It adds an extra layer of protection and peace of mind, especially if you’re prone to spilling your drink near your gadgets (guilty as charged!).

However, the Air4 doesn’t extend this water resistance to its case. It’s not a deal-breaker, but something to be mindful of. You’ll want to keep the case away from water just to be safe.

The AirPods 3 and the Air4 earbuds are well-equipped to handle a bit of water. Their IPX4 rating ensures they can withstand the trials of everyday life, making them versatile companions for all your audio needs, come rain or shine.

Battery Life and Charging Features

FeatureAirPods 3SoundPEATS Air4
Battery Life (Earbuds)6 hours6 hours
Battery Life (With Case)30 hours26 hours
Real-world Battery Performance7 hours 32 minutes at 60% volume4 hours 14 minutes at 60% volume
Charging FeaturesWireless charging, MagSafe compatibility, Fast charging (5 mins for 1 hour playback)Bulkier case, Lacks advanced charging features

Battery life is a crucial factor for any wireless earbud, and here’s where the AirPods 3 and SoundPEATS Air4 show some differences.

Starting with the AirPods 3. They promise 6 hours of playback from the earbuds and 30 hours with the charging case. In my tests at 60% volume, the AirPods exceeded expectations, lasting a solid 7 hours and 32 minutes. Apple’s reputation for reliable battery life holds here.

The Air4, meanwhile, also advertises 6 hours from the earbuds but a slightly lower total of 26 hours with the case. However, in my test at the same volume, the Air4 gave me 4 hours and 14 minutes of playback.

This discrepancy is primarily due to their active noise canceling feature, which, as discussed later, is a significant draw of the Air4.

Now, on to charging features. The AirPods shine with their wireless charging capabilities, MagSafe compatibility, and fast charging. Just 5 minutes in the case gives you about an hour of playback.

These conveniences reflect the premium aspect of the AirPods and are a big plus for anyone who values quick and versatile charging options.

In contrast, the Air4 lacks these advanced charging features. The case is bulkier, mainly in thickness, which you might notice more in your pocket.

While this doesn’t impact the earbuds’ functionality, it does mean you’ll miss out on the convenience and speed that the AirPods offer in this area.

While both earbuds provide a decent battery life, the AirPods 3 take the lead with their additional charging features and more accurate battery life delivery. The Air4 holds up well, but the impact of noise canceling on its battery performance and the absence of advanced charging options are noticeable. For those who prioritize battery life and charging convenience, the AirPods 3 have a clear edge.

Control Features

Soundpeats Air 4 vs. AirPods 3: Control Features

The control features of earbuds can significantly enhance user experience. And AirPods 3 and SoundPEATS Air4 have unique offerings in this department.

Starting with the AirPods 3, Apple provides a smooth and intuitive control scheme. You get the essentials: play/pause, track skipping, and an always-on Siri for voice commands.

Integrating in-ear detection for auto-pause and play is a standout feature, making them incredibly user-friendly during active use. However, one notable absence is the lack of volume control directly from the earbuds, which can be a minor inconvenience.

The Air4 steps up in this aspect, offering a more comprehensive control range. You can control everything – from play/pause to skipping tracks, adjusting volume, and even toggling noise canceling.

This breadth of control is impressive, especially considering the earbuds’ price point. However, the Air4’s noise canceling is tied to the extended press function on the left earbud.

This means you can’t skip tracks backward, and the app has no option to customize these controls. This lack of customization might be a downside for users who prefer a more personalized experience.

Both models excel: the AirPods 3 with their seamless integration and intelligent features like in-ear detection, and the Air4 with their extensive range of controls. It boils down to what you value more: the simplicity and intelligent features of the AirPods or the wide-ranging control capabilities of the Air4. Each offers a different but practical approach to managing your listening experience.

Connectivity and Codec Support

FeatureAirPods 3SoundPEATS Air4
Connectivity with Apple DevicesSeamlessSeamless
Supported CodecsOptimized for AACBluetooth 5.3, aptX Lossless
Audio Quality OptimizationGood sound quality across Apple productsHigh-quality audio streaming
Versatility with Various DevicesLimited to Apple ecosystemMore versatile, especially with aptX Lossless devices
High-Res Codec SupportNo high-res codecsSupports aptX Lossless
Multipoint Connection CapabilitySmooth switching between Apple productsTrue multipoint connection (manual switching required)

In wireless earbuds, connectivity, and codec support are pivotal in defining the overall user experience. The AirPods 3 and SoundPEATS Air4 exhibit distinct characteristics in this arena.

The AirPods 3, residing comfortably within the Apple ecosystem, leverage their inherent advantage of seamless connectivity with Apple devices. They don’t boast high-res codecs. However, their performance is optimized for the AAC codec, which is widely used by Apple devices.

This optimization ensures that the AirPods 3 delivers a consistently good sound quality across Apple products. This makes them a natural choice for users who are deeply integrated into the Apple world.

However, the SoundPEATS Air4 brings something different with Bluetooth 5.3 and the aptX Lossless codec support. AptX Lossless isn’t as commonly used, and few devices support it.

But it’s known for providing high-quality audio streaming. This makes the Air4 potentially more versatile for users with various devices, especially those capable of utilizing the aptX Lossless codec.

It’s worth noting that while high-res codecs like aptX Lossless can enhance sound quality, the improvement is often subtle. In practical terms, the difference might be noticeable only to audiophiles or in specific conditions, like using high-quality streaming services. This might not significantly affect day-to-day use for the average user.

Another notable feature of the Air4 is its true multipoint connection capability. This allows you to connect the earbuds to two devices simultaneously, a feature that’s not as seamless in the Apple ecosystem.

While Apple devices switch smoothly between different products, the Air4 requires manual pausing on one device before resuming on another, but it still works effectively.

The AirPods 3 offer the advantage of seamless integration within the Apple ecosystem, making them a convenient choice for Apple users. On the other hand, the Air4 stands out with its support for a high-res codec and multipoint connectivity, catering to a broader range of devices and user preferences. Your choice here would depend on your device ecosystem and specific connectivity and audio quality needs.

Latency and Performance for Gaming and Videos

Soundpeats Air 4 vs. AirPods 3: Latency and Performance for Gaming and Videos

Latency in earbuds, particularly for gaming and video playback, can significantly impact the user experience. AirPods 3 and SoundPEATS Air4 have features addressing this but with varying degrees of effectiveness.

The AirPods 3 demonstrates excellent latency performance, especially within the Apple ecosystem. When used with an iPhone, they deliver a latency close to 200 milliseconds, which is quite impressive.

This low latency ensures that audio syncs well with video, making them ideal for watching movies or playing casual games. On Android devices, the latency is slightly higher, around 280 milliseconds, but still within an acceptable range for most users.

Meanwhile, the Air4 introduces a dedicated low-latency gaming mode. This feature is particularly beneficial for gamers seeking quicker audio response times.

In my tests, the Air4 performed admirably on both iOS and Android platforms, showing the effort SoundPEATS has put into minimizing latency.

The Air4’s latency is excellent for casual games. But you might notice a slight delay if you’re into more reaction-sensitive games like shooters.

It’s important to note that while both pairs perform well for video content, the AirPods’ slightly lower latency gives them an edge in scenarios where timing is crucial, such as competitive gaming or watching action-packed movies.

The AirPods 3 offer consistently low latency across different devices, making them a reliable choice for a seamless audio experience. The Air4, with its special gaming mode, caters well to gamers.

Although the slightly higher latency might be noticeable in more reaction-dependent games. Both sets of earbuds deliver satisfactory performance for video content, ensuring that your viewing experience remains uninterrupted by audio delay issues.

Call Quality Comparison

Call quality is critical to any wireless earbud, and the AirPods 3 and SoundPEATS Air4 have their strengths.

The AirPods 3, known for their clarity, perform admirably during calls. They have a knack for clearly capturing voice while adequately blocking background noise.

This clarity is particularly noticeable in environments with moderate ambient noise, like a busy street or a café. The AirPods make your voice sound crisp and distinct, ensuring the person on the other end can hear you without strain.

The SoundPEATS Air4 shows a slight edge in blocking out background noise. In my testing, they did better at minimizing ambient sounds, making them a good choice for calls in noisier settings.

However, this superior noise cancellation comes with a trade-off. The voice clarity is not as pronounced as with the AirPods 3. While the Air4 does a good job overall, the voice lacks the same level of richness and natural tone that the AirPods offer.

If your priority is voice clarity, especially for personal calls or professional settings, the AirPods 3 is the better choice. However, if you often find yourself in noisy environments and need more effective noise cancellation during calls, the SoundPEATS Air4 might be more suitable. Both offer commendable call quality but excel in different aspects of the calling experience.

Sound Quality Deep Dive

Soundpeats Air 4 vs. AirPods 3: Sound Quality

Sound quality is, without doubt, the make-or-break factor for earbuds. Let’s dive deep into how the AirPods 3 and SoundPEATS Air4 stack up in this crucial aspect.

Starting with the AirPods 3, they continue to impress with their well-rounded sound profile. They deliver crisp mids and clear highs, making vocals and instruments sound rich and detailed.

The bass is also noteworthy – it’s punchy and present without overpowering the mids and highs. This balance is particularly palpable in genres that thrive on clarity and detail, like acoustic or classical music.

The SoundPEATS Air4, however, brings a different flavor to the table. The most notable aspect is their noise-canceling feature. While it doesn’t necessarily cancel out noise in the traditional sense, it significantly enhances the bass response.

The Air4 produces a more profound and powerful bass with noise canceling turned on. This feature makes them particularly appealing to bass lovers or those who enjoy genres like hip-hop or EDM.

It’s important to mention that this enhanced bass doesn’t muddy the overall sound. The Air4 maintains a decent level of clarity, although the mids and highs are not as pronounced as in the AirPods 3.

This difference becomes more evident at higher volumes, where the Air4’s treble can get a tad harsh, unlike the consistently smooth performance of the AirPods.

Regarding soundstage, the AirPods 3 offer a more open and expansive experience. They create a sense of space that allows each instrument to breathe, providing an immersive listening experience. The Air4, while respectable in its sound delivery, doesn’t quite match the AirPods in this regard.

If sound quality is your top priority, the choice depends on what you value more. For those who prefer a balanced sound with clear mids and highs and a good soundstage, the AirPods 3 are the way to go.

But, if you're a bass enthusiast who doesn't mind a slight trade-off in clarity and soundstage, the SoundPEATS Air4, especially with its noise-canceling feature, would be a more suitable pick. Both earbuds offer quality audio experiences but cater to different auditory preferences.


What are Soundpeats Air 4 and AirPods 3?

Soundpeats Air 4 and AirPods 3 are wireless earbuds manufactured by different companies, offering users a convenient and wireless way to listen to music and make calls.

Are Soundpeats Air 4 better than Apple AirPods 3?

 Both Soundpeats Air 4 and Apple AirPods 3 have their strengths. It depends on the user’s preferences and requirements, such as sound quality, comfort, and additional features like low latency and game mode.

What is the main difference between Soundpeats Air 4 and AirPods 3?

 The main difference lies in the brand, design, sound quality, battery life, and additional features like low latency and a game mode that each has to offer.

Do Soundpeats Air 4 and AirPods 3 have a low latency mode for gaming?

Yes, both Soundpeats Air 4 and AirPods 3 offer a low latency mode for gaming, providing users with a smoother and more synchronized gaming experience.

Are Soundpeats Air 4 and AirPods 3 good options for listening to music?

 The comparison addresses the sound quality of Soundpeats Air 4 and Airpods 3, helping users determine which is better for an enjoyable music listening experience.

Final Verdict: Soundpeats Air 4 vs. AirPods 3

After thoroughly comparing the AirPods 3 and the SoundPEATS Air4, it’s time to draw some conclusions and offer recommendations based on their performance in various categories.

  • For Premium Build and Sound Quality: If you value a more premium build, seamless integration with Apple devices, and a balanced sound profile with crisp mids and clear highs, the AirPods 3 is your go-to choice. They provide an overall polished experience, from ease of use to sound quality and call clarity.
  • For Budget-Friendly with Strong Bass: On the other hand, if you’re on a tighter budget but still want a quality pair of earbuds, the SoundPEATS Air4 is a strong contender. They stand out with their powerful bass (especially with noise canceling on), comprehensive control features, and effective noise cancellation during calls. They are an excellent choice for bass lovers and those who need more effective ambient noise reduction.
  • Ergonomics and Fit: Both earbuds perform admirably in comfort and fit, making them suitable for prolonged use. Your preference will depend on the specific ergonomics of your ears.
  • Call Quality and Noise Cancellation: If call quality is a priority, the AirPods 3 edge out slightly with more apparent voice transmission. However, the Air4’s superior noise cancellation can be a deciding factor for environments with more ambient noise.
  • Gaming and Video Use: For gaming and video consumption, both earbuds offer low latency, but the AirPods 3 have a slight advantage in latency performance, making them more suitable for action-packed games or movies.