OneOdio Monitor 60 Triumphs at VGP 2024 Awards: A New Benchmark in Audio Excellence

In a landmark achievement that solidifies its position as a leader in audio innovation, OneOdio has recently clinched a prestigious accolade for its flagship product, the OneOdio Monitor 60.

This high-end wired monitor headphone has been honored at the Visual Grand Prix (VGP) 2024 Awards. This event is often likened to the “Oscars” of the audiovisual industry in Asia, showcasing OneOdio’s unwavering commitment to excellence in audio engineering.

OneOdio Monitor 60 Triumphs at VGP 2024 Awards

A Decade of Dedication Pays Off

Founded in 2013, OneOdio has spent over a decade honing its craft in the competitive world of audio equipment manufacturing.

The company’s relentless focus on quality and innovation has culminated in the creation of the OneOdio Monitor 60, epitomizing the brand’s expertise and dedication to sound perfection.

The VGP 2024 Awards: A Testament to Excellence

The VGP Awards, established in 1987 by Ongen Publishing Co. Ltd., are known for their rigorous and esteemed review process.

A panel comprising professional magazine reviewers, media critics, and distinguished dealers meticulously evaluates products on various parameters, including functionality, sound quality, and market performance.

Recognizing the Monitor 60 at these awards speaks volumes about its exceptional quality and performance in the global audio market.

The Winning Product: OneOdio Monitor 60

The Monitor 60 stands out with its Hi-Res certification, a testament to its ability to reproduce music with extraordinary detail and fidelity, surpassing standard audio quality.

It features 50mm dual dynamic drivers, ensuring a harmonious and precise sound across the entire frequency spectrum.

The high protein memory earmuffs, another standout feature, provide shape retention and comfortable wear, effectively minimizing sound loss.

CEO Jack Li’s Vision and Enthusiasm

Jack Li, OneOdio’s founder and CEO, expressed excitement over the recognition. “This is a huge encouragement for us,” Li stated. “Our focus has always been on developing top-quality headphones.

Being acknowledged by VGP reviewers for Monitor 60’s unique strengths reaffirms our commitment. We aim to continue offering professional-level headphones for audiophiles.

Beyond the Award: OneOdio’s Market Presence

OneOdio’s success isn’t confined to industry accolades. The brand has a significant global presence, with its over-ear headphones consistently ranking in the top three in Amazon’s headphone category.

This blend of industry recognition and consumer popularity underscores OneOdio’s balance of professional-grade quality with mass appeal.

A Treat for Music Enthusiasts: Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale

In a move delighting audiophiles and casual listeners, OneOdio offers up to 20% off on its headphones, including the award-winning Monitor 60. This is part of the Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale on The sale presents a perfect opportunity for customers to experience high-standard headphones for professional and daily use without straining budgets.

Looking Ahead: OneOdio’s Continued Innovation

The journey of OneOdio, from its inception to this latest achievement, is a story of the relentless pursuit of audio excellence. With a diverse range of innovative products, including the Studio Pro, Monitor, HiFi, Fusion, and Focus series, OneOdio is poised to continue its tradition of cutting-edge audio solutions. The company’s mission to bring premium sound experiences to more music enthusiasts and let people enjoy music’s power remains as strong as ever.

For more information about OneOdio and its range of products, enthusiasts and curious shoppers can visit OneOdio's website.