Discover the Future of Personal Sound: How AI is Transforming Your Listening Experience

In a move poised to change personal technology forever, Humane has unveiled Ai Pin, the first wearable device and software platform harnessing the full power of artificial intelligence in a completely new form.

Ai Pin marks the beginning of a new era where AI integrates seamlessly into daily life, providing users with an intelligent companion anywhere.

Ai Pin’s launch signals a reimagining of how humans interact with machines. Its screenless, voice-enabled interface allows users to speak naturally, use hand gestures, or interact via a projected laser display.

This pioneering approach makes Ai Pin feel more human by removing tech barriers and making AI accessible in subtle, integrated ways.

Humane co-founder Imran Chaudhri calls Ai Pin the embodiment of their vision to weave AI into everyday experiences while “enhancing our capabilities without overshadowing our humanity.”

Key Features:

  • Sleek, minimalist 2-piece magnetic design
  • Personic speaker creates sound “bubble” around the user
  • Ultra-wide camera, depth sensor, motion sensors
  • Snapdragon processor with Qualcomm AI Engine
  • Pairs with headphones via Bluetooth
  • Projected laser display onto the palm
  • Trust Light indicates sensor activity

Supercharging Daily Life

Rather than launching apps, Ai Pin leverages AI to understand contexts and needs at the moment. It can craft text messages in your tone, identify objects, provide foreign language translations, and more. Humane plans to expand capabilities over time as the technology evolves.

While compact, Ai Pin packs serious processing power thanks to a Snapdragon chip and dedicated AI engine. This powers seamless voice interactions and computer vision features like scanning food to support nutrition goals.

New Ways to Experience Music

In an exclusive partnership, TIDAL’s HiFi streaming will integrate directly with Ai Pin to create tailored listening experiences based on contexts like location, activity, or mood.

User Privacy a Top Priority With always-on mics and cameras, privacy risks abound with AI wearables. Humane tackled this head-on, incorporating hardware privacy chips, activity lights, and strict access controls. If compromised, Ai Pin will shut down entirely.

Humane CEO Bethany Bongiorno said transparency builds user trust. “Privacy and transparency are paramount with Ai Pin.”

Centralized Control through New Platform

Humane built a new operating system called Cosmos to power seamless AI interactions on the device. To manage data and access, Ai Pin connects to – a personal hub for device setup, preferences, and stored content.

Strategic Collaborations Drive Innovation

Humane’s collaboration with tech giants like Microsoft, OpenAI, and Qualcomm provides access to state-of-the-art AI platforms and ongoing improvements.

Microsoft CVP Eric Boyd said Humane’s approach aligns with their mission to enable game-changing solutions.

For wireless service, Humane partnered exclusively with T-Mobile in the US. T-Mobile EVP John Saw called Ai Pin a “huge step towards a more connected, AI-informed future.”

Pricing and Availability

Ai Pin starts at $699 for the full system and $24 monthly for unlimited service. It can be pre-ordered online starting November 16 in the US only.

The launch of Ai Pin kicks off the next chapter in AI innovation. As Chaudhri stated, “For us, Ai Pin is just the beginning.” This pioneering wearable proves that the future imagined in science fiction is closer than ever before.

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